Family photos with the McMurtrey crew (in Utah)!

We just got back from an amazing whirlwind trip to Utah and California, and we can't stop talking about how much fun we had! It was crazy and exhausting, but SO good to see family and friends.

I'm still sorting through all of the photos and videos I took...because holy cow. I took A ZILLION! Haha. But in the mean time, I wanted to share a few from our extended family photo session with the McMurtrey family! We took them at a gorgeous park in Utah, and there are some darling ones of the kiddos.

I married into such a great family! I love all of these people so much.

^Love this of the boys with their Grandma and Grandpa Mac!^

I absolutely love these candid photos of my tree-climbing boys. They are such rascals.

But look at their cute faces!! Being a boy mom is seriously the best, and I'm not just saying that. It makes my heart explode--I just love it so much.

^Boston is getting so big. Holy cow.^

Our photographer captured each family/ McMurtrey sibling on a bridge, and I love how you can see everyone's personalities coming through. So fun.
^Jordan's brother Kadan, and his new wife, Lindsay! Cutest ever.^

^Jordan's brother, Treyson. Love this crazy goof! haha^
^Jordan's beautiful sister, Talyn.^
The pictures she took of our family made me laugh out loud, because they are SO real life. 
Kids running every direction, Jordan and I trying to manage the chaos, and basically just laughing at how insane our life is right now. 

We are just a circus, and I actually really love it. 
^Life as we know it.^

^Brighton James, always on mama's hip^
^I love him.^
I'm so lucky that I married into such an incredible family. They really are the best.

Love you, McMurtrey bunch!!

The end. 
(To see the last time we took family photos with the McMurtrey's, go here!)

P.S. More pictures of our trip, coming soon! 

P. P. S. My (Gillman) family also did a photo session on the beach in California. I'm DYING to see them, and I'll post them here when we get them back!! Can't wait. 


An afternoon at the lake, and thoughts on Spring.

This winter was a rough one. Not only was the weather brutal (for Kentucky, at least. We had some freeeeezing days!), but our kids kept cycling through rounds and rounds of sickness and antibiotics...and at times, I thought it would never end. It probably didn't help that I was still in an emotional tailspin from Brighton's hospital stay. He had lots of respiratory junk issues after he was released, and I was basically just a basket case trying to get him healthy over and over again.

There were some really rough patches!

I longed for the days of warmth and sunlight--not only in the weather, but for my kids and I, too. I wanted them to get past the cold and sickness, and be able to just happily PLAY outside.

And a few days ago, we did just that. It was a gorgeous Spring day, so we headed down to the lake to soak up the sun. I watched my kids throw rocks in the river, and look for flowers and bugs. Brighton crawled around in the sand-- getting covered from head to toe and loving every second of it. He's obsessed with trying to keep up with his brothers, and it was so cute to watch him explore with them.

I felt so at peace. Sitting on a blanket, watching my boys enjoy life outside. It was perfect.
^Hey Boston, please stop growing up! I can't handle it.^

^Sweetest Cam, digging a river.^

^Classic Holland.^

^The baby Brights!^

^I love my crazy circus of boys so much.^
It was such a good day. My head and my heart needed it so, so badly.

No matter how grueling Winter may be, Spring does come. Bad days will end. Sickness will leave. Cold months will fade away, and happier times are ahead when things seem rough. I can't wait for so many, many more days like this one! They are just the best.


Happy third birthday, Holland!!

Yesterday Holland turned THREE years old! I don't know how it's even possible that he's already three, but we had so much fun celebrating him. He is seriously such a ray of sunshine, and if you don't already know him, you need to.


He has been talking about having a dinosaur birthday party for months and months, so when the time finally rolled around, he could not wait. My friend made him a little shirt that said "Three Rex," and he was over the moon about it. The cutest!

We had a friend party for him at his favorite park where we dinosaur-stomped balloons, smashed a dino pinata, and ate pizza and cupcakes. I think he forgot that we invited people to come to his party, because he was genuinely surprised when his friends would show up. He would go,

"Mom! Yook!! Sarah is here!" (and then two second later) "Mom! Yook! Ben is here!" ...like he was so surprised that they happen to be there too.

Haha. He's hilarious!

^Such a beautiful day for a party!^
^The dino cake!^
^Party animal^

^"Mom! Stop taking my picture!" --Camden^

^Pizza time!^

^I think he was partied out. Haha! But how cute is that sad face??^

^Cutest dad.^


His little party turned out perfect, and he had so much fun with his friends. Later that afternoon, we played with some of his fun presents outside while we waited for Boston to get home from school. It was a beautiful day, and we soaked up all the sun we could get!! 

Then we headed to dinner as a family at Holland's favorite BBQ joint in town. He loves it because they have the best mac 'n cheese, and they let the kiddos go back to the kitchen and make their own soft-serve ice cream for dessert. He was SO excited to eat there for his birthday dinner! 

^Playing with his new dinosaur dig kit with Cam! And yes, that is a cheesy smile...I think? haha^

Time for dinner!
The boys always want a picture on the famous pig before we go inside and eat. Haha!
^Heart melter. He loves his daddy so much.^

^Cutest baby award^
After dinner, we went to Camden's soccer game really quick before we had birthday cake at home. (Even on his birthday, he still had to sit at a soccer game. Haha! Hashtag, that brother life)

Holland was cracking us up wearing his new birthday Spider man mask on the sidelines. He literally would not take the thing off, even though he was face was sweating like crazy. We (and all the other parents) were dying!
^This one is going in the wedding video...FOR SURE^
Time for cake!!
^Life with brothers.^

^Our big three-year-old^

Holland Beck, we love you!!

You are the craziest, cutest, loudest, happiest, squishiest, cuddliest, funniest three-year-old I have ever met. We are so glad you're in our family!

Please always stay this cute.

Love, Mom & Dad